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A website should not only look fantastic it should also be intuitive and easy to use with clear navigation. Considering how users will interact with a site is vital and should be a priority when designing a website. It’s imperative that important information is easy to find and not bogged down or lost amongst reams of unimportant copy or unnecessary graphics. Getting the balance right between creating a stunning looking website with that ‘wow’ factor and a site that’s simple to use is the key to great web design.

If you would like to your own website designed and built, or if you would like advice on your existing website please get in touch, I’d be happy to discuss your requirements. Please see examples of my web design work below.


Karma Beauty Guernsey Webite Design

Karma Beauty are a local Guernsey beauty salon. They provide a stylish and relaxing environment to treat you. Their experienced and skilled beauty therapists go out of their way to make sure you feel welcome, comfortable and pampered. They also sell their beauty products online.

Click on the image above or here for further information about the Karma Beauty Guernsey website.

If you’re starting a new business or upgrading an existing website, I strongly recommend using Web Design Guernsey. Matt is friendly, knowledgeable, and dedicated to producing a high quality website. Matt is always available to answer questions, make improvements, and is a great help running and looking after our PPC activity.

Client Feedback: Ross Philippe. Owner

Psychology.gg Website Design

Dr Bevery Tachon is a Chartered Counselling Psychologist based in Guernsey. She works from comfortable and discrete therapy room located just outside of the Town centre. She wanted a website that would allow people to find out about her services and easily contact her.

Click on the image above or here for further information about the Psychology Guernsey website.

Matt was great to work with. I am really pleased with the result, it is exactly what I wanted!

Client Feedback: Dr Beverly Tachon, Psychology.gg.

La villette Garage Website Guernsey

La Villette Garage is a friendly, small, family run garage located in Guernsey. They offer petrol and diesel, have fully qualified mechanics in their workshop and are sub contractors to Autoglass.

Click on the image above or here for further information about the La Villette Garage Guernsey website.

Matt has been really helpful with the updating of our website and logo. We were so pleased with his work and attitude that we now use him for all adverts and graphic design work. He knows that everyone is busy and doesn’t push you when you haven’t quite got the time to focus on the little extras but can provide really quick turn around for when you have short lead times. His work is very professional and will keep making all the little tweaks until you are 100% satisfied. Just please don’t use him too much, I still have lots of work I would like him to do for me!

Client Feedback: Chris Guille, La Villette Garage.


Le Jardin Preschool Guernsey Website

Established in 1990 Le Jardin des Enfants Preschool is situated on the west coast of Guernsey. The Preschool is run by Sally Le Couteur & is housed in a spacious, purpose built extension with a large, safe outside play area.

Click on the image above or here for further information about the Le Jardin Preschool Guernsey website.

Working with Matt was an absolute pleasure. He was incredibly helpful and always willing to answer any questions or concerns we had about setting up a website. We are really pleased with the end result and I would recommend him to anyone thinking of setting up a website!

Client Feedback: Sally Le Couteur, Le Jardin Preschool, Guernsey.


UniSURFity Website

Jez Browning is an ASI Level Master surf instructor. Originally from Guernsey, but now based in Lagos, Portugal, Jez offers intense training and tuning weeks for developing surfers at locations all over the world. These UniSURFITY weeks are aimed at giving 1 to 1 style coaching but in a small 6 person group.

Click on the image above or here for further information about the UniSURFity website.

Matt was a great help, putting together a fantastic looking website that I’m able to update myself. The project was delivered within the agreed time scale and budget. Cheers Matt

Client Feedback: Jez Browning, UniSURFity.


Wowsers Trousers Guernsey Ecommerce WebsiteWowsers Trousers is demonstration e-commerce website for a shop selling men’s designer clothing online. It displays the various features and functions available to a modern online shop. Features include product, category and brand management, a voucher code system, order management, customer information, page and blog management as well as many other features.

Click on the image above or here for further information about the Wowsers Trousers Online Shop website.


Mobile Beauty Therapy Guernsey WebsiteKaty Le Tissier offers a wide range of mobile beauty therapy treatments in Guernsey. I was asked to design and build a stylish website that displayed the treatments she offers. The site needed a user friendly CMS (content management system) so that Katy could update the site herself as new treatments become available.

Click on the image above or here for further information about the Mobile Beauty Therapy Guernsey website.

Matt from Web Design Guernsey was helpful, professional and very efficient. The site designed was totally to my requirements and within my budget – I would highly recommend!

Client Feedback: Katy Le Tissier, Mobile Beauty Therapist Guernsey.


Green Acorn WebsiteGreen Acorn is a Guernsey based company that meets the growing need for energy optimisation and storage solutions. I was asked to design and produce a website to showcase the range of energy products that Green Acorn sell. Content, images and news can be updated through a content management system back end. Social media updates are displayed in real time via a Twitter feed panel.

Click on the image above or here for further information about the Green Acorn website.

As a new company it was very important that the Green Acorn website presented a modern, efficient image which reflected the company. Working with Matt made this straight forward to achieve as he understood quickly what we wanted from the site and designed it so that we could easily update the content without needing technical knowledge or specialist skills. Additionally this was all done within the tight time and budget constraints we had. I look forward to working with Web Design Guernsey as our company develops and grows to incorporate new features and functionality.

Client Feedback: Keith Hounsell, Green Acorn. Guernsey.


Hearing Therapy Services WebsiteHearing Therapy Services provides comprehensive rehabilitation for anyone over the age of 16 who has hearing difficulties in Guernsey. I was asked to design and build a website that clearly demonstrated the services offered and which could easily be updated regularly via a user-friendly content management system.

Click on the image above or here for further information about the Hearing Therapy Services website.

I am delighted with the website that Matt designed and built for me, he took on board everything I wanted the site to achieve and guided me through the process of preparing the content with enormous patience. I have had very good feedback about my website and Matt’s ongoing support has been invaluable.

Client Feedback: Nikki Stephens, Hearing Therapy Services Guernsey.


Opta Enterprises WebsiteOpta Enterprises is a Guernsey based business incubator specialising in the identification, valuation, protection and commercial exploitation of Intellectual Property. I was approached to completely redesign and rebuild their website with the brief to make it search engine and user friendly whilst at the same time giving it a ‘World Class’ feel.

Click on the image above or here for further information about the Opta Enterprises website.

Web Design Guernsey were commissioned to completely redesign the Opta Enterprises website. Matt was provided with a project brief and from this terms of reference plus time and cost budgets were agreed. During the website design and implementation phases there was a high degree of interactivity between Web Design Guernsey and Opta, with significant input, flexibility and responsiveness being provided by Matt. We were delighted with the resultant website and the fact that the project was delivered on time and within budget. Since the website went live Matt has been providing on-going support and has always delivered a very high quality and cost-effective service, both in terms of implementing changes and being very responsive. Based upon our experience over the last 3 years Opta could not recommend Matt more highly.

Client Feedback: David Honey, Opta Enterprises. Guernsey.


RIP101 WebsiteRIP101 is an online store selling clothing, accessories and boarding hardware from over 100 of the world’s top leisure and sporting brands. As co-founder of RIP101 I was responsible for the design and layout of the website as well as all graphical elements and content. I oversaw and managed the production of this database driven e-commerce website by a Guernsey based web agency.

Click on the image above or here for further information about the RIP101 website.


Wake Experience WebsiteWake Experience is California’s premier wakeboarding school. It is based in LA and offers private wakeboarding, wakesurfing and waterskiing lessons. I was responsible for re-branding the school as the Wake Experience, designing and building the website and logo from scratch. The site needed the ‘cool’ factor as well as being search engine friendly to attract new students online.

Click on the image above or here for further information about the Wake Experience website.

I’m really pleased with the way that the Wake Experience site has turned out. Matt really grasped the sense of fun and freedom that learning to wakeboard is all about and incorporated this into the design of the website. In addition to a great looking site, Matt also worked closely with me on the content of the website, making sure that we place at the top of Google for the search terms that we want people to find us for.

Client Feedback: Nick Heaney, Wake Experience.


Mission Atlantic Website4 Guernsey women embarked on one of the most difficult and gruelling rowing races in the world. They spent months at sea and covered 2,950 miles in difficult and dangerous conditions. I was approached to produce a website that world explain the challenge, attract corporate sponsorship and during the race provide updates on the girls’ progress.

Click on the image above or here for further information about the Mission Atlantic website.


Nick and Julz Heaney WebsiteNick and Julz Heaney are professional wakeboarders based in Los Angeles, California. They can be seen all over the United States performing their own Wakeboard Exhibition Tour. I was asked to redesign and rebuild their website in a style that encapsulates their style, energy and charisma whilst at the same time making it appealing to fans as well as potential corporate sponsors.

Click on the image above or here for further information about the Nick & Julz website.

Matt did an amazing job of building our new site, we love it! The new design really captures the mood of what makes wakeboarding such fun & the videos & photos illustrate exactly what we’re capable of doing behind a boat.

Client Feedback: Nick & Julz Heaney, NickAndJulz.com.

If you would like help or advice of setting up a new website or redeveloping an existing one please get in touch to discuss your requirements.