Nick and Julz Case Study

Nick & Julz Heaney Website

Nick and Julz Heaney are professional wakeboarders based in Los Angeles, California. They can be seen all over the United States performing their own Wakeboard Exhibition Tour. I was asked to redesign and rebuild their website in a style that encapsulates their style, energy and charisma whilst at the same time making it appealing to fans as well as potential corporate sponsors.

Matt did an amazing job of building our new site, we love it! The new design really captures the mood of what makes wakeboarding such fun & the videos & photos illustrate exactly what we’re capable of doing behind a boat.

Client Feedback: Nick Heaney, Wake Experience.


Nick and Julz Heaney Website

Nick and Julz Heaney Website
The contrasting black and white colour scheme sets the mood and theme for the Nick and Julz website. When coupled with professional action photography and brightly saturated pictures in reds and purple hues, the Nick and Julz site really packs a punch.


Nick and Julz Website SEO
As well as being a professional wakeboarder Nick Heaney is also known for his work as an actor, model and DJ. In the past this had led to some pretty weird and wonderful search results if you were Google his name. One objective of the Nick and Julz website was to create a page that when people online searched for Nick they would be directed to a page that contained relevant up-to-date information. As demonstrated in the screenshot above this objective was met.

By further optimising content such as images on the site we were also able to bring photographs used on the website to the top of Google image search (again see screenshot above) further enhancing the results when people searched for ‘Nick Heaney’.


Content Management System using WordPress

Nick and Julz wanted to have a page on their website where they could update all of their latest news. Having no experience at updating websites themselves or any knowledge of html coding I created a basic CMS for them using WordPress. This means that via a secure online log-in Nick and Julz are able to update content on their website. As illustrated in the screenshot above the user friendly CMS allows them to type and format text, create links and add images with no more technical knowledge than it takes to write an email.


Nick and Julz Heaney Website Logo
Nick and Julz Heaney wanted to completely re-vamp their website as it was looking tired and dated. I produced a new website logo as well as a site design that worked in tandem. The result was a logo and site that sums up their vibrant, rugged personalities.

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