Search engine optimisation (or SEO) is the practice of optimising a website so that it will appear in the results pages of search engines like Google or Bing for the products or services that a particular website offers. It is often misconstrued that designing and setting up a website is the time consuming and difficult part in getting a successful online presence. Surely once my website is online I just sit back, relax, let customers find me and watch the money roll in, right? Unfortunately not… Once your site is online that’s when the hard work actually BEGINS.

SEO should be a hugely important part of any website owner’s online strategy if they want to attract visitors. A well thought out search engine optimisation plan is the difference between a busy website and one with no traffic at all. Having a search engine friendly website is a necessity if you want people to be able to find your products or services. I have a wealth of knowledge in optimising websites for search engines which I have accrued over the past 10+ years.

If you would like help, guidance or advice on search engine optimisation (SEO) for your website please get in touch, I’d be happy to discuss your requirements. Please see examples of my search engine optimisation work below.


Wake Experience Website SEO

 The Wake Experience is a wakeboard school based in Los Angeles. Wakeboarding is the fastest growing water sport on the planet, and, like all other water sports has a massive following in America, particularly in California. When developing the Wake Experience website we really wanted to optimise it for riders searching online looking to either improve their skills or be taken out wakeboarding in this geographical region.

Among several other key phrases, the terms ‘Wakeboarding LA’ and ‘Wakeboarding California’ were identified as desired phrases to attract visitors. With this in mind the Wake Experience site was built in such a way that it would be optimised for such terms.

Looking at the screenshots above the Wake Experience ranks at position #1 on page 1 of Google’s natural search results for the phrase ‘Wakeboarding LA’ and at position #2 on page 1 of Google’s natural search results for the phrase ‘Wakeboarding California’. These are impressive results for 2 relatively general and highly competitive phrases. The fact that the Wake Experience site has not only achieved these positions, but also maintained them, is testament to the site’s well thought out structure, content and construction. Click on the image above or here for further information about the Wake Experience website.


Opta Enterprises Search Engine Optimisation

In addition to making the text easier to read by splitting it into columns and adding bullet points, the copy was completely re-written to make it clearer for humans and search engines to process. The removal of the previous sites ‘frames’ construction makes it much easier for search engines to index its content and brings the site into the 21st Century. All other areas of the site were built from the ground up ensuring that best practice search engine optimisation techniques were used.

Click on the image above or here for further information about the Opta Enterprises website.


Rip101 Website SEO

Optimising content at brand, category, line and even individual product level was of paramount importance at RIP101. In the example above the phrase ‘Quiksilver Cypher Shorts’ was chosen as this is a popular range of seasonal shorts updated regularly by Quiksilver. A page was designed, created and optimised on site to give visitors and potential customer’s information through text, graphics and video regarding the shorts features such as, tech-specs, benefits as well as special signature series models.

Underneath this informational content (not visible in above screenshot) was displayed the current Quiksilver Cypher shorts available in stock as well as links to all of the other board shorts produced by other brands. Once again, referring to the above screenshot, it is apparent that the resulting page has enjoyed position #1 on page 1 of Google in the natural listings.

Click on the image above or here for further information about the RIP101 website.


Nick and Julz Website SEO

As well as being a professional wakeboarder Nick Heaney is also known for his work as an actor, model and DJ. In the past this had led to some pretty weird and wonderful search results if you were Google his name. One objective of the Nick and Julz website was to create a page that when people online searched for Nick they would be directed to a page that contained relevant up-to-date information. As demonstrated in the screenshot above this objective was met.

By further optimising content such as images on the site we were also able to bring photographs used on the website to the top of Google image search (again see screenshot above) further enhancing the results when people searched for ‘Nick Heaney’. Click on the image above or here for further information about the Nick and Julz website.