Pay-per click Advertising (or PPC) is very similar to search engine optimisation (SEO) in the way that website owners select specific keywords or phrases that describe their services or products. The major difference between PPC and SEO is that with PPC advertising website owners pay Google’s AdWords or Bing to have their website listed in the ‘Ads’ section of its results (at the top of search results).

In comparison to SEO which can take weeks or even months for optimised pages to work their way up the search results, PPC is a great way to get new products and services online and in front of millions of potential customers in a very short space of time (it can take as little as 15 minutes once a campaign has been set up). Website owners specify what text is displayed in their ad, how much they want to pay each time the ad is clicked and also what page the user is directed to.

I have a great deal of experience in working both alone and in conjunction with account specialists at Google Ads in creating, optimising and maintaining campaigns containing several thousand keywords. Ensuring that relevant choice of keywords, ad copy and landing pages are selected is of vital importance. Running both PPC and SEO in conjunction with each should be seen as key to any successful search engine marketing campaign.

If you would like help, guidance or advice on pay per click (PPC) advertising for your website on Google or Bing please get in touch, I’d be happy to discuss your requirements. Please see examples of my Pay-Per Click Advertising (PPC) work below.


I was asked by Penelope Hope to aid setting up paid search campaigns on Google AdWords. Penelope Hope has created a striking interior fabric collection and cushion range which is available to buy online.

Penelope Hope Guernsey Google AdWords PPC Management


Over the past few years Google Shopping has become one of the most effective ways to sell your products online. Product Listing Ads (or PLAs as they are sometimes referred to) appear alongside or above the more traditional paid text ads. Google Shopping Ads work differently to normal PPC adverts in the respect that they require a specially designed feed to supply the relevant information to Google, rather than simply bidding on keywords.

I set up Google Shopping Ads for Karma Beauty making sure that the feed submitted to the Google Merchant Centre was of the highest quality, I then structured the shopping campaign so that the products were split out in the most efficient way possible. The results have been fantastic and Karma have seen their monthly spend on paid search dramatically drop whilst at the same time experiencing enormous growth in both order numbers and revenue. The cost per order has dropped significantly too ensuring that they are getting the best ROI on their Google AdWords spend.

Click on the image above or here for further information about the Karma Beauty e-commerce website.

Karma Beauty Guernsey Google Shopping Adverts PLA Management


Williams Crawford is one of the most well respected independent Porsche specialists in the UK. Their services vary greatly; from buying, selling, sourcing, repair and restoration of Porsches of all age. They also specialise in secure storage of prestige and classic vehicles. In addition to this they sell downloadable Porsche 911 and Boxster buyers guides as well as DVDs.

I was asked to review, restructure and optimise their entire Google Adwords account to reflect their varied and extensive Porsche related services. Campaigns and ad groups were split out in such a way as to make the account as easy to manage as possible.


Williams Crawford PPC Adverts


Having built the RIP101 AdWords account from scratch the several thousand keywords that were mined and identified were split into many separate logical campaigns. Each ad campaign contained several ad groups which contained bespoke ads and very specific keywords. These ads then led to visitors to highly relevant landing pages ensuring that they were confronted with the products that they expected to see upon entering the site.

Keywords varied from generic to the very specific and all were monitored closely to analyse ROI. The screenshot above illustrates that visitors clicking on an ad for the general term ‘Billabong’ were taken to a specific page on the site where they could immediately see all Billabong products. They also clearly have the option to view specifically only men’s, women’s or kid’s items as well as the choice to narrow their search further by viewing particular Billabong product types such as jeans, beanies or shorts.

Leading visitors to bespoke landing pages depending on what they initially searched for in Google is vital for high conversion rates and good ROI.
Click on the image above or here for further information about the RIP101 website.

RIP101 PPC Adverts