Rip101 Guernsey PPC Advertising

RIP101 PPC Advertising

The Brief: Set up RIP101 PPC Advertising campaigns on Google Ads and BING to sell RIP101’s range of products.

The Client: RIP101, an online store selling clothing, accessories and boarding hardware from 100 of the world’s top surf brands. 

The Project: As co-founder of RIP101 I designed the website. In addition to this I set up Search campaigns on Google Ads and BING.

RIP101 PPC Advertising

RIP101 PPC Adverts

The Result: The RIP101 AdWords account from scratch. Firstly, several thousand keywords that were mined, identified and split into many separate logical campaigns. Secondly, each ad campaign contained several ad groups which contained bespoke ads and very specific keywords. Thirdly, these ads took visitors to highly relevant landing pages ensuring that they were confronted with the products that they expected to see upon entering the site.

Keywords varied from generic to very specific. ROI was monitored closely. Visitors clicking on an ad for the general term ‘Billabong’ were taken to a specific page on the site where they could immediately see all Billabong products. Furthermore, they also clearly have the option to view specifically only men’s, women’s or kid’s items as well as the choice to narrow their search further by viewing particular Billabong product types such as jeans, beanies or shorts. Finally, visitors were directed to bespoke landing pages depending on what they initially searched for in Google. This is vital for high conversion rates and good ROI.

If you would like help or advice with Google Ads Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns, please get in touch. Firstly, I can audit and optimise your existing campaigns. Alternatively I can set up PPC activity from scratch. I’d be happy to discuss your requirements.