Wake Experience Case Study

Wake Experience Website

Wake Experience is California’s premier wakeboarding school. It is based in LA and offers private wakeboarding, wakesurfing and waterskiing lessons. I was responsible for re-branding the school as the Wake Experience, designing and building the website and logo from scratch. The site needed the ‘cool’ factor as well as being search engine friendly to attract new students online.

I’m really pleased with the way that the Wake Experience site has turned out. Matt really grasped the sense of fun and freedom that learning to wakeboard is all about and incorporated this into the design of the website. In addition to a great looking site, Matt also worked closely with me on the content of the website, making sure that we place at the top of Google for the search terms that we want people to find us for.

Client Feedback: Nick Heaney, Wake Experience.



Wake Experience Website
The main header images include the same ‘graffiti’ style white overlay giving a common theme to the site. Information is kept short, relevant and punchy.


Wake Experience Website SEO

Wakeboarding is the fastest growing water sport on the planet, and, like all other water sports has a massive following in America, particularly in California. When developing the Wake Experience website we really wanted to optimise it for riders searching online looking to either improve their skills or be taken out wakeboarding in this geographical region.

Among several other key phrases, the terms ‘Wakeboarding LA’ and ‘Wakeboarding California’ were identified as desired phrases to attract visitors. With this in mind the Wake Experience site was built in such a way that it would be optimised for such terms.

Looking at the screenshots above the Wake Experience ranks at position #1 on page 1 of Google’s natural search results for the phrase ‘Wakeboarding LA’ and at position #2 on page 1 of Google’s natural search results for the phrase ‘Wakeboarding California’. These are impressive results for 2 relatively general and highly competitive phrases. The fact that the Wake Experience site has not only achieved these positions, but also maintained them, is testament to the site’s well thought out structure, content and construction.



Wake Experience Facebook
I was instrumental in setting up Facebook and Twitter accounts for the Wake Experience. This has allowed the wakeboard school to communicate with their followers in new and fresh ways. Followers can post comments and photos about how excited they are to be learning new skills on the water that acts as a fantastic endorsement for the school, which in turn makes people want to go back themselves. The emphasis is most definitely on fun with the Wake Experience Facebook and Twitter pages.


Wake Experience Mailer
I was asked to produce an html email newsletter template so that the Wake Experience could send out regular emails to their growing list of subscribers. The template needed to be bold, eye-catching and simple as the people sending out the mailers had limited technical knowledge. The results, as seen in the above screenshots, are great looking pieces of communication which lead to spikes in re-bookings whenever they are sent out.


Wake Experience Logo Design

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