Guernsey Therapy Group Web Design

Guernsey Therapy Group Website Design

The Brief: Design and deploy the Guernsey Therapy Group website on the WordPress platform.

The Client: Guernsey Therapy Group is the largest physiotherapy practice in Guernsey, spanning the most speciality areas with over two decades of expertise in providing a range of physiotherapy services to Islanders. Moreover, Guernsey Therapy Group provide physiotherapy services for babies to older adults and cover the widest range of specialities.

The Project: Web Design Guernsey recently redesigned & launched the Guernsey Therapy Group physiotherapy website. As a result of the new design, the site clearly displays information about their services, patient testimonials, news and FAQs. In addition, contact details are provided for those wanting to book treatments.

Click here to view the Guernsey Therapy Group Website.


Guernsey Therapy Group Web Design

The Result: The Guernsey Therapy Group can make changes to the website’s pages easily through the WordPress CMS. Furthermore the site displays beautifully on mobile, tablet and PC as the Guernsey Therapy Group physiotherapy web design is responsive. Additionally, a package of web hosting and website security services are being provided.

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