Rip101 Guernsey E-Commerce Web Design

RIP101 E-Commerce Website Design

The Brief: Design and develop the RIP101 e-commerce website.

The Client: RIP101, an online store selling clothing, accessories and boarding hardware from 100 of the world’s top surf brands. 

The Project: As co-founder of RIP101 I designed the layout of the website. In addition to this I produced all graphical elements and content. Finally, I oversaw and managed the production of the database driven e-commerce website.

RIP101 E-Commerce Website Design

RIP101 Website

RIP101 Website Design


RIP101 E-Commerce Website

The Result: In addition to basic category, brand and product pages I was also able to utilise my web design skills in creating pages that acted as seasonal storefront pages or competition pages that could include video, sound and animation content. The feel of the site was contemporary through the highly selective use of imagery and graphical typography. I selected a Payment Service Provider in order to take Secure payments online. Additionally SSL Certificates and PCI compliance were managed

Once all of the above are in place and an e-commerce website is online, populating the database with products and SKUs needs to be done with a high degree of skill and care. Clear product photography and the creation of compelling user and search engine friendly descriptions is essential in cutting down the number of customer questions, which in turn substantially shortens the length of time it takes for a browser to become a buyer.

Great customer service leads to repeat orders and customer retention – a must for any e-commerce website. Unfortunately, even with the most rigorous measures in place, people may attempt to place fraudulent orders online. Knowing customer behaviour and having an ‘eye’ to spot details that ‘don’t quite add up’ is another key skill that I have developed.

If you would like help or advice with setting up an e-commerce website, online shop or redeveloping an existing one, please get in touch. I’d be happy to discuss your requirements.