Rip101 Guernsey Print Design

RIP101 Print Design

The Brief: Design and develop the RIP101 e-commerce website.

The Client: RIP101, an online store selling clothing, accessories and boarding hardware from 100 of the world’s top surf brands. 

The Project: As co-founder of RIP101 I designed the website. In addition to this I produced all graphical elements and content. Finally, I oversaw and managed the production of the database driven e-commerce website.

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RIP101 Printed Promotional Flyers

RIP101 Packaging Design

The Result: As illustrated above I designed and produced a number of double sided colour promotional flyers (on a seasonal basis) as a promotional tool for RIP101. Additionally, I designed and produced branded packaging. The dark, opaque colour of the material was chosen as a means of preventing people other than the recipient from being able to see what was contained in the parcel. Secondly, the metallic silver branding added class and elegance to the package. If you are spending £250 on a jacket or a wetsuit you don’t expect it to thrown into a mail-lite bag. Correspondingly, he design and presentation of the packaging was in line with the high quality products and brands sold.

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