Rip101 Guernsey Logo Design

RIP101 Logo Design

The Brief: Design and deploy the RIP101 logo and branding.

The Client: RIP101, an online store selling clothing, accessories and boarding hardware from 100 of the world’s top surf brands. 

The Project: As co-founder of RIP101 I designed the website. In addition to this I produced all graphical elements and content. Furthermore, this included the logo and branding which appeared on online on the website and Social Media channels. Additionally the logo was used offline channels such as flyers, magazine adverts as well as on the mailing packaging.

Twitter: Click here to view RIP101 on Twitter.
YouTube: Click here to view RIP101 on YouTube.
WordPress: Click here to view the RIP101 Blog on WordPress.


RIP101 Logo

The Result: As a co-founder I was responsible for the concept, name, logo and branding of RIP101. Together with the design of the website, all supporting media was carefully produced in a way that would compliment the logo and follow branding guidelines that I set down.

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