Opta Enterprises Guernsey Web Design

Opta Enterprises Guernsey Website Design

The Brief: Redesign the out-dated, existing Opta Enterprises website with a CMS based site.

The Client: Opta Enterprises is a Guernsey based business incubator specialising in the identification, valuation, protection and commercial exploitation of Intellectual Property.

The Project: Web Design Guernsey recently redesigned & launched the Opta Enterprises website. As a result, the new site displays information about the team, their approach, services and contact details.

Click here to view the Opta Enterprises Website.

Web Design Guernsey completely redesigned the Opta Enterprises website. Matt was provided with a project brief and from this terms of reference plus time and cost budgets were agreed. During the website design and implementation phases there was a high degree of interactivity between Web Design Guernsey and Opta. Matt provided significant input, flexibility and responsiveness. We're delighted with the resultant website and the fact that the project was delivered on time and within budget. Since the website went live Matt has provided on-going support. He always delivers a very high quality and cost-effective service. Both in terms of implementing changes and being very responsive. Based upon our experience over the last 3 years Opta could not recommend Matt more highly.

Client Feedback: David Honey, Opta Enterprises. Guernsey.


Opta Enterprises Website

Opta Enterprises Site Before and After Website Redesign

The Result: The complete redesign of the Opta Enterprises website uses bold imagery in addition to a simple layout. The use of colour, both in the photography and site elements, make for a much more attractive website. The new site also makes use of a PHP/MySQL login and closed user group area.

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