Nick And Julz Logo Design

Nick & Julz Heaney Logo Design

The Brief: Design the new Nick and Julz Heaney logo and branding to compliment their new website.

The Client: Nick and Julz Heaney are professional wakeboarders based in Los Angeles, California. As a result, they perform all over the United States on their own Wakeboard Exhibition Tour.

The Project: Web Design Guernsey recently designed & launched the Nick and Julz Heaney logo. Additionally, the logo is used on social media as well as the the website. Also it is used in offline promotional media such as business cards, flyers and magazines.

Click here to view an article about Nick and Julz in Wakeboard Magazine.

Matt did an amazing job of building our new logo and website, we love it! The new design really captures the mood of what makes wakeboarding such fun & the videos & photos illustrate exactly what we’re capable of doing behind a boat.

Client Feedback: Nick Heaney, Wake Experience.


Nick and Julz Heaney Website Logo

The Result: Nick and Julz Heaney wanted to completely re-vamp their website as it was looking tired and dated. I produced a new website logo as well as a site design that worked in tandem. In conclusion, the result was a logo and site that sums up their vibrant, rugged personalities.

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