Nelios Deli Guernsey Logo Design

Nelio’s Deli Guernsey Logo Design

The Brief: Design and deploy the Nelio’s Deli Guernsey logo and branding.

The Client: Guernsey delicatessen Nelio’s Deli offer a wide range of fresh sandwiches made to order. Also, Nelio bakes fresh baguettes and pastries every morning. Additionally, Nelio’s Deli sells local produce i.e. fudge, cheeses (Fort Grey), pates, Guernsey Gauche and butter.

The Project: Web Design Guernsey recently designed & launched the Nelio’s Deli Guernsey logo and branding.

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The logo looks great thanks for your brilliant job, everyone loves it. Well done Matt, the hard work really paid off.

Client Feedback: Nelio Ponte, Nelio's Deli.

Nelio’s Deli Logo Design And Branding

Nelios Guernsey Logo Design

Nelio's Deli Building

The Result: After going through different concepts it was decided that the logo be comprised of simple bold, bold silhouettes of bread, cheese and an ornate olive oil bottle.  The logo appears in all promotional material, both online and offline, from their website, Facebook page and social media activity. As can be seen in the photo the logo is used on their outdoor signage as well as on all their printed material including menus and produce.

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