Heads Up Guernsey Logo Design

Heads Up Hair Salon Guernsey Logo Design

The Brief: Design and deploy the Heads Up Guernsey hair salon logo and branding.

The Client: Heads Up Guernsey is a well loved and established local Guernsey hair salon in the north of the island with a band of loyal clients. It is managed by the same team as the Shades of Grace salon.

The Project: Web Design Guernsey recently designed & launched the logo and branding assets for Heads Up Guernsey hair salon.

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Heads Up Logo Design

The Result: The new logo appears in all promotional material, both online and offline. This includes their Facebook page and all other social media activity. The new logo design is bold, funky and trendy. However, at the same time it is timeless and won’t look dated a year or two down the line. The finished logo makes makes use of simple colour scheme of 2 shades of green indicating its Guernsey roots. Finally, it also makes reference to a glamorous models face.

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