Channel Islands Access Guernsey Logo Design

Channel Islands Access Logo Design

The Brief: Design and deploy the Channel Islands Access logo and branding.

The Client: Channel Islands Access is a Guernsey registered and based company that offers industrial rope access services across the whole of the Channel Islands. Generally, rope access services makes difficult to reach locations accessible in a safe and efficient manner.

The Project: Web Design Guernsey recently designed & launched the logo and branding assets for Channel Islands Access.

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Logo Design & Branding


CI Access Logo Design

The Result: The new logo for Channel Island Access appears in all promotional material, both online and offline. Consequently, it appears on Facebook page and all other social media activity. The new logo design is bold, simple and incorporates the silhouette of a professional industrial rope specialist. Additionally, the finished logo makes makes use of simple colour scheme of blue which is the chosen corporate shade. Finally, it also makes use of a large capital ‘A’ on which the rope specialist is ascending.

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