Psycology Guernsey Website

Psychology Guernsey Website Design

The Brief: Design and deploy the Psychology Guernsey website design that serves as a point of reference for people in Guernsey searching for her services.

The Client: Dr Beverley Tachon is a Chartered Counseling Psychologist. Additionally, she runs a small Guernsey Psychology Practice.

The Project: Web Design Guernsey recently redesigned & launched the Psychology Guernsey website. As a result, simple one page website, which acts as an ‘online business card’ displays information about the practice and her contact details.

Click here to view the Psychology Guernsey Website.

Matt was great to work with. Equally, I am really pleased with the result, it is exactly what I wanted!

Client Feedback: Dr Beverly Tachon,

New Web Design Website Design

Content Management System

Psychology gg CMS

The Result: Beverly can make changes to the website’s pages simply and quickly through the CMS. Furthermore the site displays beautifully on mobile, tablet and PC as the new website design is responsive. This ensures that whether users are viewing the site on their iPhone or home PC, all content is readable and easy accessible.

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