Le Jardin Case Study

Le Jardin Preschool Guernsey Website Design

The Brief: Design and deploy the Le Jardin des Enfants Preschool Guernsey website design on a CMS platform.

The Client: Le Jardin des Enfants Preschool is run by Sally Le Couteur & is housed in a spacious, purpose built extension with a large, safe outside play area.

The Project: Web Design Guernsey recently redesigned & launched the Le Jardin des Enfants Preschool Guernsey website. As a result, the new site clearly displays information about the school and how to get in contact.

Click here to view the Le Jardin Preschool Guernsey Website.

Working with Matt was an absolute pleasure. He was incredibly helpful and always willing to answer any questions or concerns we had about setting up a website. The end result is great! So I would recommend him to anyone thinking of setting up a website!

Client Feedback: Sally Le Couteur, Le Jardin Preschool, Guernsey.

New Web Design

Le Jardin Preschool Website
Le Jardin Preschool Website Design
Le Jardin Preschool Website Optimized For Mobile Devices

The design of the website needed to reflect the nature of the preschool so a pastel colour scheme was decided upon. The colourful hand prints gives a visual relationship between the website design & the teaching methods at the preschool. Furthermore, it enabled me to incorporate an element of ‘fun’ into the site. 


Content Management System - CMS For Guernsey Websites
Finally, Sally needed to be able to update her website on her own. She has no website development skills. So I built the website on a user-friendly content management system platform.

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